Senior Moments February 18, 2015

Want to do something special for your next 4th of July?

Consider visiting San Juan Island , Washington. What a beautiful place San Juan Island is to celebrate the 4th of July. You have your choice of watching the fireworks at Roche Harbor Marina or in the heart of town in Friday Harbor . Both are great places to kick back with your favorite beverage & people watch. 
I started the festivities by watching our local parade with my dog, Brook. If you haven’t watched a local parade, you’re missing something; the energy is infectious. My day continued with our Pig War picnic’s great food, music and more people watching. 
In the evening I had dinner at San Juan Island Yacht Club. Then I gathered with friends to Rock the Dock with a fabulous band known as the “Time Benders” taking us musically from the 50’s through each decade only stopping when the fireworks started. A great place to dance and, you guessed it, people watch. 
By now I was ready to head to the dock, sit down with friends and watch one of the best darn fireworks around. Check out for upcoming events and places to stay.