Uncategorized February 18, 2015

Just a word on staging…

Question, why is your home not selling?

Too many properties sit on the market for months without buyers walking through their homes or making offers. Why? It could be the home is over priced for this market, or it could be that your home needs to be spruced-up a bit; we call this staging.


Walk through your home and visualize how a potential buyer sees the use of space. Do you need to remove clutter, paint a room or clean the yard up? Is the carpet in need of professional cleaning? Look in your cupboards and closets; are they bulging at the seams? If they are crammed, buyers may think there is not adequate storage. Clean it up and clear it out. Rent a storage area for the time your home is on the market for personal items you just can’t live without. 


Sometimes it is nothing more than moving your furniture around for better space planning of traffic patterns. Take out that over-stuffed chair and free up some space.

Remember you buy a home, but you sell a house.  The extra work spent ahead of time can really help buyers visualize your house as their home.