Senior Moments February 18, 2015

How Baby Boomers are changing retirement…

Markets and services have changed to adapt to and accommodate Baby Boomers through every stage of their lives: from the growth and expansion of school districts and colleges as Boomers moved through their childhood and youth to housing starts in the 70s when Boomers began forming households. Boomers have also comprised the largest and most educated group of employees in U.S. history. They’ve been the largest and wealthiest consumer group in the U.S. and their choices are influential. Given this background, it is only to be expected that the Boomers will shape retirement in the U.S. to fit their needs and desires. 

And speaking on the subject of Boomers becoming seniors, there is a myth going around I’d like to discuss: older people are afraid of technology. The reality is older adults are active users of the Internet. AARP research shows an increasing usage of the Internet by seniors and, as technology-savvy Boomers age, that trend can be expected to continue. 

To that fact, I’d like to give you a web link to help seniors. 

SNAPforSeniors offers a searchable database of listings for over 110,000+ senior service providers in the U.S.