It’s approaching spring time…

…and that means time to clean up the yard.

Whether you are selling your home or not, with the nicer days ahead take the time to clean up what winter has left behind. Look at your front yard from the eye of a new buyer walking up to your door; does your yard say there’s a lot of work to do here?

Placing potted seasonal plants at your front entrance gives a great first impression. Maybe have a seasonal wreath or dried grasses in the off season.  Make sure entry windows are sparkling clean and your porch swept and have a clean doormat. First impressions are so important.

Cut back, spruce up and watch the fruits of your labor bring a smile to your face. Now where did I put that shovel?

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

When you are putting your home on the market, and your Real Estate agent takes pictures of your home, make sure you have done your homework first. People are moved by emotion, you can have pictures that help buyers visualize your home as theirs.

Are the pictures showing your home as the best it can be? It isn’t enough to turn on all the lights and open the curtains to help your rooms look bigger. Pick up your dogs dish, put away your cats litter box, do the dishes, pick up any papers and think of your home from the buyers perspective.

Are there special features of your home that you want to highlight such as a special window seat? Put out pillows, open a book to capture the mood of a calm get-away area ready for your buyer to step into.

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Preparing your house for sale:

A clean, neat home in need of few or no repairs will sell faster and at a higher price than one that is showing wear and tear. To give your home its best possible presentation, perform a mini-makeover or have your home professionally staged before it’s shown to potential buyers. With my background in design and space planning, I can help you achieve this goal by doing a final walk through with you to make sure no details have been overlooked. Here’s a list of tips that will help you make your home more attractive. Some of the items below will be part of a buyer’s inspection & may need to be repaired or replaced as part of the transaction.

Buyers well see many homes for sale; putting your best foot forward helps you stand out against your competition. The main theme here is repair, de-clutter, clean and freshen-up your home so a buyer can see themselves making it their home.



• Remove peeling and chipped paint; replace with a fresh coat.

• Clear gutters & downspouts.

• Make sure exterior has good lighting & all walkway lights & front door lanterns work.

• Remove moss from the roof.



• Mow & trim grass; reseed and fertilize where necessary

• Prune all overgrown trees and shrubs.

• Remove or replace dead or diseased plants, shrubs and trees.

• Clean grease & oil stains from driveway.

• Weed flower beds & plant fresh flowers for color.


Deck and Patios:

• De-moss, paint or stain worn areas in wood decks.

• Remove grass growing in concrete cracks, sweep off debris from shrubs and trees.

• Clean all deck rails and make sure they’re secure; replace missing slats or posts.


Front Door:

• Polish the hardware on the door.

• Add a fresh coat of paint to get rid of nicks.

• Clean the glass on the storm door; make certain the screen is secure.

• Make sure the doorbell operates properly & no squeaky doors.



• Clean all windows inside & out.

• If needed add a fresh coat of paint to window trims and sills.

• Make sure all windows open & close easily.

• Replace cracked windowpanes & broken seals.



• Clean entryway floors & double check entry lighting.

• Remove coats when not in season in entry closet to give the appearance of spaciousness.


Living room/ Dining Room/ Family Room:

• Repair cracks, holes in walls & give the room a fresh coat of paint if necessary.

• Clean carpets, draperies & blinds.

• Clean wood flooring & remove any stains or odors.

• Position furniture to showcase the size & space of the room.

• Put away items like toys, hobby supplies, remove extra magazines & books from tables.

• Clean out fireplace.



• Make sure countertops & sinks are clean & stain free.

• Organize pantry, cupboards refrigerator & clean oven and cook top.



• Make sure sinks, tubs, showers & countertops are clean & free of stains.

• Make sure all fixtures are operating.

• Clean & repair tiles or grout.

• Install new shower curtain.

• De-clutter counters & shelves.



• Repair cracks in ceiling & walls.

• Apply a fresh coat of paint if necessary.

• Make sure drapes & blinds are clean & open for maximum light.

• De-clutter & neatly make up the beds.



• Check for water, dampness or musty odors.

• Clean furnace & drains.

• Make sure light fixtures work.

• Organize & arrange storage areas.

• Make sure stairs are clear of clutter & the handrail secure.


Tidy the Extras:

• Plant flowers to brighten a walkway & enrich the entry.

• Remove any dead or brown leaves on indoor plants.

• Remove any fixer cars, campers & boats from property.

• At night, turn on outdoor lights. Buyers may drive by homes they

are considering at night.

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